Squint Treatment and Surgery

Squint (Strabismus) Treatment and Surgery in Yamuna Nagar Jagadhri

Squint is a condition when the eyes are not coordinated and are looking in different directions. People call it different names ‘turn in the eye’, ‘glide in the eye’ or ‘lazy eye’.

In general, strabismus (or tropia) is an eye deviation defined by frequency (intermittent or constant), laterality (right, left, or alternating), and direction (horizontal or vertical).

Horizontal strabismus is termed esotropia (inward turn of the eye) or exotropia (outward turn of the eye). Vertical strabismus is termed hypotropia (downward turn of the eye) or hypertropia (upward turn of the eye).

Therefore, hypotropia is a form of vertical strabismus where one eye deviates downwards in comparison to the other eye.

Shown below are some examples:

Normal Eyes
Left Vertical Squint
Left Convergent Squint
Left Divergent Squint

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